who we are.

Molly and Jon Van Nostrand

We are among the rare breed of couples who work together. Married for 25 years, we have owned a Kinko’s together in So. California, where our 2 of our 3 girls were born. After Kinko’s was purchased by FedEx, we moved to Seattle, where Molly was born and raised, and began the search for our next venture. With backgrounds in construction and art, Fastframe seemed like a good idea and thus it began. After successfully running the business together for 7 years, it has proven to be a great fit!

Joining the team are Heather Wehman and Blaine Monaco. Born and raised in Seattle, Heather has been in the framing business for many years. She and her husband, John, have raised a son and a daughter and are currently the parents of 2 cats. Heather does not work with her husband. Blaine is a native of Montana and is happily unmarried. He has been a framer for some 17 years and is an accomplished photographer. Blaine is better known as the Dog Whisperer (with no disrespect to Cesar whatshisname).