The Charm of Cedar

This beautiful hand finished cedar frame is a unique piece of craftsmanship with an equally special story.

These trees were salvaged from the Cascade foothills (near Stampede Pass).  Around 1900 there was a fire that started from sparks created by the railroad wheels on the tracks. This fire burnt many acres of cedar, fir, etc. in the area. Over the years loggers have taken all the dead fir and left the cedar (considered “low value” by saw mills). Now, after 100+ years, these trees have been standing dead. Meyer Wells is one of the few mills/salvagers who can process this material because they are a boutique mill with specialized machines to handle the brittle nature of this material and create products that show its true beauty and potential. Each stick of moulding has its own characteristics and shows the beauty of the natural wood.

Our cedar stock is limited. Don’t miss out on this gorgeous, eco friendly framing option!