Shop Small

Madison Valley small businesses are run by local people. Don’t forget — for every $100 spent at a local small business, $68 returns to the community. Madison Valley small businesses include: Antiques – go green with recycled decor Restaurants – have lunch or dinner at a local establishment Bars – happy hour Beauty – treat… Read more »

Collection Connection

Today we started building a shadowbox for a client’s prized arrowhead collection. We use museum quality framing products and conservation glazing to protect your precious art, documents and collections.

Fan The Frame

Love us in real life? Like us on Facebook! Facebook Pages were created so people can show their friends what they care about and recommend. When you become a fan of a business, movie, person, etc., that information is posted on your wall, and your friends will see it too. You can see which Pages… Read more »

Family Wall

The colorings and doodles created by children are wonderful memories that should be treasured and preserved. Showcasing your children’s artwork help your kids build confidence and pride in their accomplishments. This support nurtures their creativity and imagination. Hanging artwork from floor to ceiling, with visually interesting similarities or contrasts of style, artist, size, and frames,… Read more »

Object Management 101

Over the years, it’s easy to collect hoards of family memorabilia from everyday events, awards, vacations, and various special moments. What do you do with it all? Bring it to the shop! We LOVE creating custom memorabilia boxes. From plexi, to shadow boxes, to cork-boards and magnet boards, we do it all, at every budget…. Read more »

Wedding Wonder

Displaying and storing your wedding photos is likely to be a big priority for you after your wedding. Taking the time to frame your wedding photos properly will ensure that your memories are well preserved and protected. Here is an example of one of our favorite wedding photos framed in US grown walnut with an… Read more »